Quality Policy

Quality Policy of Apadana Petro-Measure Company

Apadana Petro-Measure Company as one of the centers conducting chemical tests of petroleum products and petrochemicals according to national and international standards, with the goal of improving the quality and quantity of laboratory services and increasing customer satisfaction has intended to establishment of an International Standard of 17025 ISO / IEC and the ISO 9001.The senior management of this laboratory with commitment to professionalism and qualified and desired  service to the clients, has considered the following priority actions of the laboratory :

•    Respecting  the wishes and needs of their clients within the legal requirements of technical regulations and also national and technical rules of laboratories
•    Increasing and maintaining permanently and continuously improvement the quality of laboratory services to enhance customer satisfaction
•    The use of qualified individuals in laboratory in order to ensure the accurate, and correct  tests and trying to improve their skills, experience and qualifications
•    Increased participation of employees with regard to their use of brain storming, Manpower offers, and constructive criticism
•    Developingthe scope of services of the type and number of laboratory tests
•    Receiving and analyzing the customer feedback, and their views in order to increase customer satisfaction

As the director and the leader,the Chief of the Laboratory has committed his organization to provide the resources and facilities necessaryto meeting the Goals and the requirements of these standards, who is also responsible for maintaining the quality management system with decision-making based on data analysis, and receiving periodic reports from management representatives.It also requires employees to understand and apply the quality management system documentation in laboratory processes, and assist him towards achieving his considered targets desirably.

Senior Laboratory Management
Arash Asadian