Company Resume

 ApadanaPetro-Sanjesh( measure) CompanyWas established in April 2012. By the grace of Almighty God in December of that year,after receiving permission from the Iranian National Standard Organization by No. T/2568, Apadana Petro-Sangesh(measure) Laboratory began testing its operation as a lab partner.

The establishment of the laboratory was aimed to meet, and turn the specific needs of particular industries, as chemical industries,plastic, petroleum and research centers in the country, to the scientific and technical ones. Petroleum sector deals with providing technical, and laboratory services and also quality control of consumable materials including oil and mental tasks, petroleum and chemical solvents.

With the increasing importance of quality in all industries, particularly the automotive industry and the importance of an independent decision-making center toward resolving quality issues, the laboratory has attempted to improve the quality and satisfaction and to reduce customer complaints with testing the quality control of projects and designing different projects as well.  Makers and other research institutions have always announced their willingness for evaluatingthe recent petroleum products through Apadana Petro-Measure laboratory, as the bulk of the requests was intended for providing advice with regard to conducting tests, and the quality confirmation procedures related to the final product. The testing laboratory is potential to offer a wide range of tests according to national and international standards regarding ISO, ASTM and DIN.